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The leading platform for e -commerce. To serve technology users around the world through technical solutions that we live in, through artificial intelligence and its internal and external processes with the latest possible means

Our Message

Planning, developing, and managing the best marketing methods and strategic technical solutions to suit commercial activities with technical and artificial intelligence that combines industry and trade through common templates through which the consumer, merchant, and manufacturer can deal easily, with quality, speed, and safety.

Our Vision

Enabling Saudi industry and trade to reach a broader scope locally and globally through a technical system that works professionally to support strategic commercial power areas to be the tangible outcome of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 through increasing Saudi commercial and industrial trade.

Our Idea

Creating a global electronic commerce platform through which the merchant can create his store to launch into a world of commercial exchange with merchants and individuals, where horizontal and vertical expansion and increased local and international sales operations

Our Services ـــــــ

In the technical world of Moov, factories are now able to expand, spread, display products, and carry out sales work technically, using
the approved technical pricing through the integrated control panel.

Our most important features for the factories ــــ

- Maintaining the commercial identity.
- Integrated control panel.
- Multiple logistic options.
- Possibility of working locally and internationally.
- The ability to provide direct offers to merchants on Moov platform.
- Marketing partnership and marketing solutions partnership.
- Possibility of working in the wholesale and manufacturing system.
- Issuing digital pricing directly.
- Customer services.
- Logistical support.

Wholesalers on Moov platform have the ability of selling in bulk quantities of their products in a specific way, issuing digital pricing, and electronically negotiating quantities, specifications, delivery methods, and payment terms.

Our most important features in wholesale ــــ

- Possibility of working in retail and wholesale systems.
- Issuing digital pricing directly.
- Reducing the merchant's operational costs.
- The ability to display products in different quantities and different prices.
- Negotiating electronically between the buyer and the seller.
- Enabling companies and retailers to reach wholesalers through the platform.
- Customer services.
- Logistical support.

Moov technology platform has enabled strong competition for Shopping Centers through digital transformation in the trading
process by moving from the real world to the virtual world.

Our most important features in Shopping Centers ــــ

- Highlighting brands within the centers.
- Sustainability of stores inside malls in light of the acceleration of electronic shopping.
- An innovative window for shopping and serving remote areas.
- Maintaining the market share of commercial centers.
- Diversity of customer segment.
- The ability for the customer to order from multiple stores inside the mall and have it delivered in one shipment to the customer.
- Customer services.
- Logistical support.

The Store on the Moov platform enjoys total privacy by operating with its commercial identity and an integrated control panel that enables him to display products and offers by using our technical solutions that allow it to have a digital presence within multiple activities.  

Our most important features in stores ــــ

- Highlighting the store’s commercial identity.
- A special support team to manage product files.
- Launching free advertising campaigns for the store.
- A special control panel that allows the store to add or cancel products and offers.
- Registering your store is free, as there is no financial obligation to register the store.
- Low sales commission when selling store products.
- Special marketing solutions
- Customer services.
- logistic support.

Service providers in the service sector can now offer services and implement the beneficiary’s request directly by displaying the service,
offering the price, and approving it technically.  

Our most important features in services ــــ

- Providing the presentation of services electronically.
- Making it possible to request the service and negotiate its price throught the platform.
- Electronic reservation for the service.
- Various services such as legal consultations and others.
- A control panel for the service provider that allows him to control the services and requests received.

We provide multiple methods and diverse financial solutions on the Move platform that suit the customer’s needs.  

Our most important features in financial solutions ــــ

- Cash on delivery.
- Bank card.
- BNPL installment payments.
- Moov points.
- Possibility of raising bank credits

Points earned through purchases enables repeatitive purchases in and out off the platform  

Our most important features in loyalty points ــــ

- The possibility of transferring points between customers wallets, which means increasing sales.
- Possibility of redeeming points into cash value.
- The ability to use points inside and outside the platform.
- The possibility of merging points with more than one partner (Moov XPro).
- Possibility of paying through (QR) technology.

Moov AI enables users of Moov platform to directly conceptualize and negotiate products or services provided in the platform, as it enables Moov AI to obtain its requirements with clarity and professionalism.

Our most important features in Moov AI ــــ

- Possibility to obtain more accurate information.
- Facilitating access to products and offers through Moov AI.
- Possibility of providing products according to special occasions.
- Request assistance directly regarding if it's support, products, or services.
- Ease of speaking more than one language with Moov AI service.
- The ability to coordinate special offers for each customer individually.
- Providing recommendations, proposals, and general studies according to the needs of each client.

Sales on Move platform ـــ

- From inside to inside (local currency of the country).
- From inside to outside (current currency $).
- From outside to inside (current currency $).
- From outside to outside (current currency $).

  Gallary ــــــــ

Be A Seller With Moov

The Moov team provides a strategic plan that enables the customer to reach your store smoothly, with our utmost keenness to achieve the highest standards of quality and safety.

Request Electronics RFQ with Moov platform

Move team follows a detailed RFQ service for retail and wholesale So it includes:

- Request an electronic RFQ between the buyer and the seller.
- The possibility of splitting the payment of the order according to the agreement between the buyer and the seller.
- Issuing an electronic invoice for various payments within the electronic application.
- The ability to request RFQ for more than one piece in a single electronic RFQ.
- Possibility of paying through electronic payment, bank transfer, or Moov wallet.
- Delivery of orders to the buyer’s location.
- Possibility of pay through bank Letter of Credit (LC).

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